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2 Sick Monkeys Farewell Tour with Nosebleed and Bobby Funk

  • The Smokehouse 6 South Street Ipswich, England, IP1 3NU United Kingdom (map)

We first saw 2 Sick Monkeys 11 years ago back in 2006 at an all dayer at The Railway in Ipswich. We hadn't heard of them before and we wouldn't have even known the gig was happening if we hadn't spotted German spiky punks Pestpocken (who were also playing), in town earlier that day. 2 Sick Monkeys stole the show. I remember being blown away by these two fellas in smart white shirts making more noise than seemed humanly possible. I remember looking for hidden guitarists and watching Petes hands as he played in disbelief. Since then we have taken every opportunity to see them play and have grown more and more in love with them as a band and as people. They have played Ipswich numerous times since, and its always been mental. It’s started to feel like you're watching a local band when they play here. The turn out and atmosphere is always amazing. I've heard people all over the country express this exact sentiment. They have become every wheres favourite local band. Down to relentless touring, being good people, and obviously, because they are the best band in the world FACT! They are without doubt one of the hardest working bands in the D.I.Y punk scene. By the time they call it a day, they will have done over a 1000 gigs in 17 years. Casual Nausea have had the honour of playing some of our favourite gigs with them. Including a ridiculous UK/Germany tour with @chewed up. Which remains one of the best things we have ever done. One of my favourite things about that tour was seeing people all over the place having the same first reaction to 2 Sick Monkeys as we did all those years ago. They continue to shock, confuse and amaze audiences everywhere they go. 

We are absolutely gutted they are calling it a day. But lets be honest, they have already done more than most bands do in their existence, and I think It’s only fair they give them selves a well deserved rest. (Im not entirely sure what this means for international cider consumption levels. But I imagine there are some concerned CEO monitoring the situation very closely.) We are properly chuffed they are coming to Ipswich one last time. It’s going to be emotional, It’s going to be amazing. Come and tell them to fuck off one last time. You wont regret it! 

You can listen to them here
and watch their video to “We’ll Free The Shit Out Of You” Which includes footage from last time They played The Smokehouse here

Sharply dressed Yorkshire based Garage punk with big riffs and a reputation for their ridiculously energetic live shows, and filling any space they play in. We cant wait to get this lot back to the The Smokehouse! You can see the video for their new single here and see a clip from their mental set at MPF2017 here
F.F.O The Hives, The Franceens ect. 

Bobby Funk
Hardcore punk from Cornwall. sounds like a frantic mash up of Black flag, The cardiacs and the Dead Kennedys. First time in Ipswich not to be missed!

£4.00 on the door

19.00 start
The Smokehouse is a 14+ venue, which we are really happy about. Please bring ID if you want to get on the booze!

As always we ask that if you can, please share around and invite any one you think may be interested. We truly believe this is going to be a special night and we really don't want anyone to miss out!